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Art Fraud Insights, LLC is committed to educational outreach on the topics of art forgery, cultural heritage crimes, and the emerging role of forensic science in the attribution process

News and Noteworthy

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How to Tell If a Painting Is Worth a Million Dollars, or Just a Fake

Apr 13,2016 | artfraud | Comments 0

Colette Loll, Founder and Director of Art Fraud Insights tells Cathy Alter how she relies on a keen eye to expose forgeries in the art world for the April issue of of Oprah Magazine. Read the full article here.  

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blouin art and auction feb
Pollock and the Polar Bear

Feb 6,2016 | artfraud | Comments 0

Blouin Art+Auction Magazine February 2016 issue shares the historical findings of Jackson Pollock’s long disputed final work, Untitled (Red, Black and Silver). Read the full article below.

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Experts in the field of fakery

Oct 12,2015 | artfraud | Comments 0

Philip Mould, art historian and presenter on the BBC’s award winning show, Fake or Fortune?, highlights AFI work on the forefront of industry leaders who are working to create a fake free and more transparent art marketplace. Read the full article here.  

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