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Art Fraud Insights, LLC is committed to educational outreach on the topics of art forgery, cultural heritage crimes, and the emerging role of forensic science in the attribution process

News and Noteworthy

When Folk Art is Revealed as a Fake

Mar 22,2018 | artfraud | Comments 0

Will Demers from Antiques and the Arts Weekly describes a high-profile furniture fake that fooled all the experts and Colette Loll weighs in. “I am not a specialist in furniture. I am, however, an expert on fakes, and I can tell you this does not surprise me one bit,” she said. “I have seen some […]

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Winterthur exhibit offers insight into detecting art fraud

Apr 13,2017 | artfraud | Comments 0

Randall Chase of the Associated Press reviews the exhibition, Treasure on Trial: The Art and Science of Detecting Fakes and interviews co-curators, Linda Eaton and Colette Loll. Treasures on Trial is currently on view at Winterthur Museum April 1, 2017 – January 8, 2018. Read the full article published on The New York Times here.

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Archaeologists In Syria Use ‘Data Water’ To Confound Antiquities Smugglers

Mar 23,2017 | artfraud | Comments 0

Listen to Colette Loll, on NPR’s Morning Edition with Deborah Amos. In this segment, she demonstrates how SmartWater is helping to fight the smuggling, sale and trade of antiquities from Syria. Listen to the full segment here.

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